TPE Sample WM Doll

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Shipped in 1 to 2 days from France.

Sample of TPE compatible with the WM Doll brand. Each sample can be delivered in the color of your choice. Ideal to test clothes without taking any risk for your doll or to repair your TPE.


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TPE Sample for WM Doll

TPE is a recyclable plastic with high elasticity. It is the skin and flesh of your doll, its touch is soft and silky and it takes the body temperature in a few minutes.

The TPE from JY Doll is available in three types of TPE to choose from for the sample or when ordering a doll. The classic TPE, the soft TPE, the soft TPE that does not need powder.


TPE to Compare Between Brands

From one brand to another, the touch may be different, more or less soft or smooth. If you want to compare several TPEs from different brands before committing, the TPE sample is ideal.

TPE to Repair Your Doll

For most repairs, you will need pieces of TPE of the brand and color of your doll for a better result. If your doll has a gap or hole, there is missing material, no glue will help. If her intimate parts are torn, glue is not necessarily ideal, using TPE as a binder in the tear is more effective, durable and less dangerous than applying glue.

If in doubt, if you need advice or resources to repair your doll, do not hesitate to contact us.


Hole or Breach

With a precise soldering iron, melt TPE into the gap to fill it. The TPE begins to melt between 120 and 130°C, it turns into an oily cream comparable to candle wax. Melt very small pieces of TPE saturated with paraffin oil, while guiding it into the gap. You fill in the smallest holes and give your doll a strong and long-lasting elasticity.

TPE for Testing Clothing

Don’t take the risk of staining your doll with a dark-coloured outfit or in an unsuitable material. Testing every questionable piece of clothing your doll will wear is key to keeping her skin looking beautiful as it did on her first day. Check out our FAQs for more information about the precautions to take to preserve her TPE. You can do dozens of tests with a single sample by cutting it into thin slices.

How do I test an outfit with a TPE sample?

Cut a thin slice of TPE with a scalpel or cutter, place the slice of TPE on the area of the garment you want to test. Compress the slice with a minimum weight of 5 kg for 24 hours. If the TPE slice is blank, this part of the outfit will not stain your doll.

Always be careful with dark and/or tight clothing, even if you test positive. Cushions, bed sheets, sofas can also stain your doll’s TPE, test each part that will be in contact with her skin.