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How long time will take my doll to arrive?

Your doll usually arrives at your door between 21 and 30 days. During Covid, the average total time is 30 to 50 days.

  • Once you have placed your order, we double check with you the options you have chosen
  • Within 24 hours, we send your order to production
  • Your TPE doll is custom-made between 7 and 15 days on average
  • Your silicone doll is made within 7 to 20 days on average
  • It is shipped and arrives within 7 to 15 days in normal times
  • During the Covid, the average time is 20 to 40 days (excluding express transport)

Do I have to pay customs charges?

Custom made dolls:

  • North America: Usually there will be no customs duties, if there might be any, we’ll let you know in advance. If you’re not ok with the potential customs fees, we’ll cancel the order and give you full refund.
  • EU zone: Customs charges are included in the final price of your doll and are applicable for any destination we deliver to. You don’t have to pay any extra customs charges or VAT when you order one of our dolls or torsos.

Doll in stock in Europe – Ready to ship: You do not have to add anything if you are located within the EU zone.
List of countries in the euro zone here.
UK, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, you will have to pay import duty.


Doll in stock in US – Ready to ship: You do not have to add anything if you are located in the United States.

Is the packaging discreet?

Absolutely, the doll packaging does not identify the contents. The dolls are packaged in a plain brown box or a flight case. The size of the box is dependent on the size doll you order, but it will usually be around 150cm tall, 43cm wide and 27cm deep.

Can I track my order?

Yes you can. You will be given a tracking number for you to track your parcel.

What delivery option do I have?

Our dolls are delivered via UPS for Europe – UK & TNT for the US.


Your Doll

How Do I clean My Doll?

Cleaning a sex doll after using it is very important and we strongly encourage you to clean it after each usage. It is a quick process that can be done in few minutes.

If you don’t use your doll, you should maintain her every month to keep it in great condition.

Hair washing

Wash your doll’s hair with a mild shampoo and rinse. Let it dry a natural way, do not use a blow dryer

How to clean and care for my doll?

Protect your doll’s head from moisture by putting a plastic bag over her head Use warm water and mild soap, clean her skin thoroughly – Dry your doll with a clean towel. Tap her skin lightly to absorb moisture. Do not use a blow dryer to dry your doll.

Maximize your doll’s lifespan and skin softness by applying cornstarch or baby powder on her once she is clean and dry. Use a large soft makeup brush to apply powder accurately and without waste. TPE is a porous material, baby powder or cornstarch will absorb excess moisture and keep your doll’s skin smooth and nice.

What Lube I Should Use for my Doll?

Water-based lubricant.

What is the difference between a built-in vagina and removable vagina?

The built-in, or fixed vagina, is built into the doll. On the other hand, a removable vagina is a sleeve which looks like a flesh that you can insert into the doll and remove for maintenance.

Which one is better? Most of our customers prefer the built-in vagina as it provides the most realistic experience. However, some prefer the removable vagina as it is easier to clean and replace. If you place more value into realism, you’ll want to get the built-in vagina. If you want something that is easy to maintain, you should consider the removable vagina. The anus and mouth are only built-in.

What is the best way to store my love doll?

There are 5 important points to remember to increase her lifespan:

  • Sunlight exposure during storage can make the skin color fade and create uneven features
  • Below freezing temperatures and extreme heat should be avoided
  • Pressure points into her skin over a long period can modify her shape or tear her skin
  • The less dust your doll gets exposed to, the less you’ll need to clean her
  • Putting your doll in contact with dark fabrics for extended periods of time may leave permanent marks

Do doll skin get stain?


Anything that presses her TPE durably such an elastic of pantiy, tight stockings, thin straps should be prohibited if worn for days. Like your skin, TPE will take shape after a few hours. If the pressure is maintained for days, the TPE will keep in shape.

For storage, choose loose clothing in light colors, such as dresses or nighties.

Clothing, materials and color transfer

Always wash clothes several times and test a sample of TPE before putting them on.

The choice of colors or materials is essential.

All dark colors can potentially transfer and tattoo your doll.

Depending on the material, the transfer can be done in a few minutes or a few days.

High risk materials
Polyester, spandex, silicone, leathers, cashmere
Mixtures of materials such as polyester + spandex
Dark lace

Recommended materials
Silk & Satin

High risk colors
Black, purple, blue and dark green
Red, pink and dark orange

Some examples for information

A tight-fitting black cotton dress can never be a problem.

A polyester bra with black lace can rub off in minutes.

A loose black polyester nightie can rub off in less than one night.

Red pants that are tight for a few hours may not be a problem, but may rub off after one night.

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