Silicone Doll Elsa Babe Koda Sayoko | 102 cm B D E H Cup

We don't ship in UK, Australia, New ZelandElsa Babe Photo GalleryAva Love Doll Starter Kit Included TPE or Silicone sample includedQuality Check Included📌 Average production time 30 - 45 days Elsa Babe Koda Sayoko Doll 102 cm14.5 kg, cup B D E H of your choice.

  • 4 breasts sizes available for body 102 cm
  • no oral functionality for this size
  • no anus except for 102 cm H cup
  • gel breast implants by default
  • body make-up by default


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    Select a face
    Choice of eye colour
    Select a wig
    Lip colour, it is permanent
    Skin colour
    Breast size
    Areolas color
    Areola size
    Vagina Textures
    Softness of the body
    Soft Buttocks
    Stand-up option, reinforced ankles and three bolts under the feet - Optional
    Reinforced and discreet cardboard or Flight case for transport
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4 breast sizes to choose from for the 102 cm body

The 148 cm Elsa babe body can be configured with 4 types of cups: B D E H

5 vagina textures available

Details of the finishes of the 102 cm Elsa Babe body

Sizes available at Elsa Babe

Range of Movement Skeleton

Elsa Babe dolls are now equipped with a flexible hinge neck. They cannot crouch, but can shrug and kneel.

Mensurations :

  • Taille : 102 cm
  • Poids : 14,5 kg
  • Bonnets disponibles au choix : B D E H
  • Poitrine selon le bonnet : 52 – 56 – 60 – 63 cm
  • Épaules : 18 cm
  • Taille – Hanches : 36 – 60 cm
  • Vagin : 15.5 cm

Interchangeables :

  • Perruque
  • Cils
  • Ongles

Matériaux :

  • Peau douce et soyeuse en silicone
  • Squelette EVO articulé par défaut
  • Conforme CE et ROHS

Fonctionnalités clés :

  • EVO (Haussement et serrage des épaules – peut s’accroupir)
  • Option tenir debout (3 vis sous les pieds)
  • Un orifice pénétrable (Vagin)