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TPE sexdoll HR Doll 166 cm A cup – 28 kg, head 20.

  • ✅EVO Skeleton | Standing with bolts
  • ✅Black skin & brown eyes as on the pictures
  • ✅Gel boobs | Built-in vagina
  • 🎁Second random head free


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Why you should choose the HR doll brand?

HR Doll is made from exactly the same standards as 6YE premium.
One of the most successful skeleton on the TPE doll market, with its realistic ball joints skeleton, thanks to circular movements, similar to those from the human body.

Fluid movements, more natural and easy to reproduce. Once you move your love doll, some of her joints give you a jerky sensation, vibrations and noise.
HR doll integrates a similar skeleton to 6YE, giving you the best dolls. her fingers are made of double copper wire in order to reinforced them, more solid, long lasting. Decreasing risk of drilling the TPE at the nails during a small accidental shock.

In option, it is possible to switch to an EVO type skeleton. Below is what this EVO skeleton brings about, compared to the default version:

  • More ample movements making your doll a yoga princess
  • Shoulder shrugging and squeezing
  • Reinforced wrists for doggy style lovers

HR dolls’ TPE

TPE is 100% guaranteed, non recycled. What does this impact? Once recycled, the TPE can be mixed with other similar TPEs but using different blends. It is then melted again, to be molded once more. The result is a TPE with different properties, less reliable skin colours which easily get brighter when in contact with UV radiations.
It is also less homogenous and very common to find some cavities in your doll’s body, which finally turn into a material by a bubble or hole. These tiny holes are nearly invisible and are not a threat to the eye. Instead, they enable water to infiltrate to your doll’s skeleton. Of course this will result in the rusting of your doll’s skeleton and consequently:

  1. The infiltration of water, causing your doll’s skeleton to rust and her skin to mold.
  2. A vulnerable skeleton, which becomes fragile and breaks randomly even with a proper usage
  3. Bubbles may appear on the TPE once your doll’s body is pressed

Need to know more? Contact us and we’ll guide you.

HR dolls’ conception

Intimate parts positioning

The intimate parts positioning on a TPE or silicone doll is the main factor affecting her durability. If too close, these two parts finally meet due to their thickness. If too far away from each other, solidity is enhanced at detriment of realism and the doll’s shape is too far from reality making her more difficult to play.

Finding the ideal position combining both solidity and realism can be found only with some very few brands. HR dolls being produced by 6YE premium, all HR doll models benefit from the 6YE premium experience.
It is probably the best intimate parts positioning on a TPE love doll.

A very detailed finish of the vagina and anus, painted with an air brush for a maximum durability which can last several years, depending on your usage. HR dolls’ areolas are painted in a similar way, with a long lasting makeup.
Play – Wash – Restart

HR dolls’ head connector

Two types of connectors are available for a minimum concession!
No need to screw your doll’s head anymore. Simply clip and unclip in a few seconds. Making it easier to dress your love doll and gain a few Kilos when moving her or to wash only her head.


  • A very pleasant skeleton with ball joints
  • Ideal positioning of intimate parts, combining both durability and realism
  • Faithfully reproduced intimate parts
  • A quick head to body connector which clips to easily remove the head
  • Double wire copper fingers which originate from the palms and not from the hand wrist as it is common with other brands
  • No trace of oxidation left on the skeleton, as often seen before molding.

Why you should buy your TPE doll on Ava love doll?

First, Ava love is a great love story with human size dolls. Brands, accessories, processes, tested, experienced and approved. Quality services, flawless and reactive customers, before and after sale. An available support to repair your dolls, in case of any issue.

  • Based and registered in France
  • A doll expertise
  • Before sale advice
  • A guaranteed satisfaction
  • Available resources to improve or repair your doll
  • An efficient after sale service

Makeup, dressing, repair, maintenance and improvements, we make Ava and her harem go live in videos and images. If you are not familiar yet with Ava love doll, discover now her photobook

Recommended options for your sex doll

For technical and longevity reasons, it is recommended to have stay up option. Nevertheless, it is possible for your doll to remain standing without this function but you run the risk of spoiling her feet and her stability won’t be that good. When your doll is left standing, there is no risk of spoiling her TPE since it is completely relaxed.

Effectively preserve your doll

While not in use or after cleaning, your love doll should be kept away from any nearby light source, dust or any pressure on her body or outfit, which could leave dirt marks on her skin. Too tight outfits or keeping your doll in a sitting position, for a too long period are both factors which can lead to a temporal or permanent deformation.

The most secured

Wrapped, she is packed upright and pushed to a wall with foam in her cover provided during purchase, with a shape memory between her back and the wall. Also, you can keep her dressed but beware of too tight outfits, or those who rub off. To know everything about the usage and maintenance of your doll, Check out our FAQs

The most common

Dressed, she is either standing in your living room or sitting on the sofa. Your doll can remain in a sitting position for several hour only but not days. Just like humans, her skin will start deteriorating if she remains in a position for too long. A typical example is a sewed part of your sofa. While sitting, her panties can press her groins or hips, make sure you don’t leave her in this position for too long.

Make your doll unique

When purchasing, you have the choice between more than 10 options, most of which are free. A personal customization of your doll is one of the biggest satisfactions, giving them a unique identity. We can’t say less for big success models. Everyone wants a unique doll.

Simply changing the hair colour, hairstyle, eye colour, manicure, makeup, jewelry or outfits can convert into a different person. We propose a large variety of wigs, eyes ball and much more in order to customize them in a practical way without any risk of spoilage. Your creativity is the only limit, so express yourself as much as you can with this doll.

For transport or discretion

The flight case was made from your doll’s size. No possible pressure, light or insects. It can resize into a transport adapted flight case which resists chocs or into an unseen furniture found in a bedroom or living room. Use the provided memory foams in order to keep them safe, during transport, such that in case of any careless or brute movement, you can be sure your doll is safe. The flight cases are stackable, if you have many love dolls to protect or transport, you can align them vertically or horizontally.