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🚀🇪🇺 [In Stock Europe] WM Doll Sex Doll Head #33 | 157 cm B cup

Only For EU Member Countries🚀IN STOCK 🇪🇺 Delivery in 3-5 business daysWM Doll Photo GalleryShipping from Europe, order now and get your doll delivered to your home in 3-5 business days. WM Doll head #33 – 157 cm B cup 28 kg.

  • ✅EVO Skeleton | Stand-up option
  • ✅Articulated fingers | Body makeup
  • ✅Gel breast | Integrated tongue
  • ✅Built-in vagina| Tan skin


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Why choose the brand WM Doll?

60+ beautifully designed faces

Goddess bodies

EVO skeleton on every WM Doll

All the dolls of the brand are equipped with a fully articulated skeleton and very well made.

  • Shoulder shrug and tightening

7 skin colors to choose from

Breast implants for a more realistic breast

Want the legendary fluffiness of Doll Forever and Piper dolls in a WM Doll?

WM offers breast implants to give more realism to the touch of the breast of its dolls. Increased fun guaranteed.

  • Visual: bouncing breasts in play for hypnotic sloshing
  • Touch: incomparable sensations in the hands to push realism

Integrated tongue

  • Yes, the built-in tongue adds a touch of realism to your WM Doll
  • No, this one will not improve your sexual pleasure

Integrated tongue WM-Doll

Body temperature

To go further in sex doll immersion, WM Doll offers an optional heating doll. Recharge it thanks to the batteries integrated in its body and raise the temperature. Your WM Doll does not need to be plugged in to heat up.

The heating system is a network of wires scattered throughout his body.


  • Strong threads can cut from using your doll
  • Heating the TPE dries it, to overcome this problem, make sure to rehydrate your doll regularly


Your doll can moan when you stimulate her erogenous zones. Sensors are housed in her chest and around intimate parts to add immersion during lovemaking. A speaker is located on the back of her head for your doll to express herself.

Is the system waterproof? No, it should be protected for cleaning with water.

Is the volume adjustable? No, but you can reduce the volume by sliding a layer of cloth between her head and the speaker. Also works with paper towels!

Is the system wireless? Yes, charge your doll with the built-in battery and be free to move around when playing with her.

WM Doll Anti Fake System

Tired of counterfeit dolls? WE ARE TOO! Brittle skeleton, oily TPE for a degraded love doll experience that does not reflect the manufacturing quality of the manufacturers.

WM Doll is massively copied for these many successful designs. In order to reduce counterfeiting and guarantee you an authentic doll, all WM Dolls are delivered with a code allowing you to check the good authenticity.

Check the authenticity of my WM Doll

Measurements :

  • Size: 157 cm
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Cup: B
  • Shoulder – Breast: 33 – 68.5 cm
  • Waist – Hips: 56.5 – 83 cm
  • Mouth – Vagina – Anus: 13 – 16 – 15 cm

Interchangeable :

  • Eyes
  • Wig
  • Eyelashes
  • Nails
  • Vagina (insert version)


  • Soft and silky TPE skin
  • EVO Skeleton 100% articulated by default
  • CE and ROHS compliant, the TPE is recyclable.

Key features

  • EVO (Shoulder shrug – tightening of the shoulders – can squat)
  • Stand-up option (3 screws under the feet)
  • Three penetrable orifices (Mouth, Vagina, Anus)


  • Gel implants
  • Can heat
  • Can moan