Eyes for love doll – Blue with Veins

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Delivery Time: Shipped in 1 to 2 days from France. Pair of blue acrylic eyes for TPE doll, suitable for any type of love doll of 100 cm and more.


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Because a new colour can make all the difference, choose from a multitude of pairs of eyes for your love doll. The eyes are hollow acrylic half spheres 30mm in diameter and 17.5mm thick.

Ava Love Doll Eye Conditioning

We package each eye individually in a plastic sphere that fits its shape. Two small plastic patches are placed at the bottom to protect the irises and retinas. Cellulose wadding provided.

Cellulose wadding is needed to wedge the half-sphere in your doll’s eye socket. Keep these boxes which are very useful to store or transport your love doll’s eyes safe from shocks and scratches.

A small pressure in the middle of the box and you open it easily like a Kinder!

How to Change an Eye on your doll?

Your doll’s eye is wedged with the same padding used in the cushions. You can easily find it online or in hobby shops. The amount of wadding to be used depends on how you want your love doll to look, the more you put on, the more the eye is exorbed.

Tip: Partially transform an Asian face into a Western face by simply increasing the volume of cotton wool. Change the expression of your beauty by adjusting the depth of her eye in her head.

Here is an example with Ava Love Doll, always the same doll – Eirian piper Doll

You can sometimes see doll owners wearing gloves to manipulate their love doll’s face. It’s certainly much more professional in terms of communication, but take a tour of the factories and you’ll understand that it doesn’t make sense. The idea is to avoid dirtying her face or fading her makeup, so

  1. Instead of wearing gloves, wash your hands!
  2. Insert the cotton wool into the half sphere and compress it
  3. Hold the lower eyelid open and gently push the eye into your doll’s head
  4. Hold the upper and lower eyelid slightly open with one hand and adjust the position of the eye with the other hand