TPE Stain Remover Ava Love Doll

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Shipped in 1 to 2 days from France.

Stain remover for TPE dolls, packaged in France in 10g or 30g jar for dozens of applications on small surfaces.

Our TPE stain remover pots are cleaned and filled by us. If you wish to sell our TPE stain remover, it is available wholesell (min. order 1kg). Please contact us for more information.



Ava Love Doll stain remover conditioned in France

It took a year of testing to develop this TPE stain remover which works on all TPE dolls. Small but strong, the Ava Love Doll stain remover is better than the usual TPE stain removers.

See by yourself in the pictures, the tests were carried out in real conditions and without prior cleaning to stick to the reality of many TPE doll owners. For more efficiency, we nevertheless advise to clean the surface before applying the TPE stain remover.

Ava Love Doll TPE Stain Remover works deep down and not just on the surface. Even the most TPE-soaked TPE’s will eventually return to an acceptable colour. Deeper and older stains are more difficult to remove, so we recommend acting quickly if your TPE doll is stained.

TPE stain remover is as the name suggests for TPE dolls, it is not suitable for use on silicone dolls.

To carry out these tests

We carried out these tests on the most famous brands of TPE dolls such as AS Doll, WM Doll (Jinsan), Doll Forever, Piper Doll, 6YE premium, JY Doll, Aibei girls and many others.

  • Tested on hundreds of stains with different types of clothing
  • Tested on fresh stains but also on stains older than six months
  • Tested on so-called permanent make-up

We advise to always have TPE stain remover on hand to act quickly and limit the diffusion of a stain inside your doll.

Stain Remover for Doll TPE Conditioned in France – What’s the difference?

Ava Love Doll is very strict about health and hygiene. This is essential when you know that the stain remover will be in direct contact with your doll’s skin. TPE is porous and cannot be disinfected.

Our 10g and 30g jars of TPE stain remover are cleaned and filled by us to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Please read our application tips carefully.

How to effectively apply stain remover to TPE?

  • On a cotton swab, your finger or a suitable spatula, apply a small amount of stain remover
  • Spread the stain remover in a thin layer over the entire stain
  • Do not spread the product to the maximum. Leave the TPE in the open air, do not cover with a cloth
  • Wait 24 hours, check and if necessary repeat the operation three to five times
  • It is not necessary to wash between each application
  • Once finished, wash, dry and powder the area

Clothes and any type of dark, tight synthetic fabric can stain your doll in a few minutes.

Theoretically cotton clothes don’t stain and polyesters stain easily, but in practice it may be different.

In case of colour transfer on your love doll, it is advisable to act quickly. When you handle your doll, it releases oil which makes her slightly sticky. In order to keep a soft skin, it is advised to powder it with cornstarch. The flour or talcum powder absorbs the oil film on the surface, making your doll silky smooth, but not only! It is also the best barrier to the transfer of color from a clothing to your doll.

Powdering your sex doll is not a guarantee against color transfer, it is an extra precaution.

How does the colour transfer work?

When the oil comes out of your love doll it comes in contact with the flour, if there is not enough or the flour is saturated, the oil will mix with the outfit. Most stain removers and cleaners are made of oil because it can get everywhere and can peel off almost anything, including the ink from a fibre. It will transfer into the TPE in a few minutes and you will notice the stain.

If your TPE doll is stained and you remove the stain, don’t panic, here’s what will happen

  • Stain will seep into the TPE to the skeleton
  • The stain will visually fade. Depending on the TPE and the density of the stain, this will take between a few days and a few months
  • As your doll will gradually spit out her oil, the ink will come out until it forms a film that is difficult to see on the surface
  • Ink now on the surface can be cleaned with a paraffin oil wash

Periodic paraffin oil washing

A distinction must be made between rehydration of TPE and its cleaning with oil. Hydration aims to nourish your doll’s TPE to prevent tears and keep its elasticity.

Whereas oil cleansing is as its name suggests. Sweet almond oil works but is neither neutral nor edible. The only oil we recommend is paraffin oil, it is the most neutral and it is edible.

How to wash your TPE doll with oil?

  1. Proceed by zone, from the head to toe
  2. Soak a micro fiber of oil – Spread the oil on the surface of your sex doll to be cleaned so that the micro fiber slides perfectly.
  3. From top to bottom, slide the dirt
  4. Remove accumulation of dirt

Under strong light, you can see the accumulation, which takes on a grey or even black colour. This is the result of residues that have gradually penetrated the TPE skin of your sex doll and come out. Clothing inks, hands, lubricants, air pollution and much more.

When there is enough accumulation, sweep the dirt away from your doll’s body. Repeat the operation when you feel it is necessary. The idea is to use the oil to cleanse, not moisturize.