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Sino Doll Quick connector compatible Sino Doll Photo Gallery Silicone torso Sino Doll 55 cm (body length) 18kg – head S32 Linyu. Big breast, J cup.


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Why you should choose the silicone doll from Sino doll brand?

For the pleasure of admiring beautiful love dolls in your living room, an erotic painting to pamper with passion. A piece of art from the woman’s image on your sofa, simply to admire, but not only. The silicone Sino Dolls are among the most advanced for a sex doll usage. A comfort rarely seen on silicone dolls which are generally too hard for this purpose, since they are meant to be exposed.

Sino Doll combines both sight pleasure and sex doll at an excellent price.

Poupée Sexuelle Silicone Sino Doll
Poupée Sexuelle Silicone Sino Doll
Poupée Sexuelle Silicone Sino Doll
Finition Détails Maquillage Parties Intimes Poupée Silicone Sino Doll

Better understanding of silicone dolls

Most silicone dolls reproduce the woman’s facial aspects, makeup and intimate parts very detailedly. The silicone material allows more detailed precisions compared to the TPE. In most cases, we can’t use it as a sex doll, even though it is often presented as one. Lack of flexibility and hard material, silicone dolls are primarily meant to be exposed.

To remedy this, Sino Doll includes a softer mixture in certain parts of the body such as the chest, intimate parts, thighs or buttocks. This technology helps you to benefit from the good sides of silicone, also making your doll softer in key parts. The Sino Doll sex busts are particularly popular in Asia, since they are optimized for pleasure with a very beautiful face finish.

Even though many don’t buy a silicone doll for the purpose of sex doll usage, there can be a certain amount of frustration having such a beautiful love doll near you which you can’t play with. Sino Doll offers the compromise expected by many, a sexually and visually hyper realistic silicone doll.

The key points of a silicone doll compared to TPE

The makeup last much longer

  • Less risk of staining your doll with a dark outfitsince it is more permissive on clothes
  • Just like a cake pan, the silicone is waterproof, it can be disinfected

If nothing equals the softness of the TPE body, the silicone Sino Dolls are a perfect compromise for those seeking a lot of realism and sex doll usage.

How does Sino Doll stand out on the silicone doll market ?

All the charm of silicone Sino Dolls

  • hyper realistic western faces
  • curved and realistic bodies
  • Beautiful breast to touch and see
  • Ultra soft lifelike vagina
  • Over 25 options to customize your doll from head to toe
  • An unbeatable price for the same quality from other brands

Sino Dolls are manufactured from silicone with a fair balance between softness and solidity. The silky smoothness and presence are not as pronounced as on the TPE premium dolls but the contact remains pleasant.

Sex Dolls with realistic bodies

All the Sino Dolls’ bodies have realistic shapes similar to those from a real woman. Finding clothes suitable for your doll becomes very easy.

In addition to the classic skin color choices, there are three skin finish choices. Realism is clearly increased in real life and not only on the screen. Skin pigmentation, blood vessels, diffuse shade, makeup are the kind of options which are expected on a high quality silicone doll. Highly recommended.

Keep in mind that most Sino Doll models are equipped with this option on pictures

3 types of face and body makeup

In real life, a flash reflection, a soft box or a sun ray can give a silicone doll a shiny appearance. It is also the case for the TPE but since it is almost always powdered, the effect is minimal. Sino Doll offers three permanent makeup options for these dolls’ faces, two of which allow you to cancel this effect.

To go even more detailedly, it is possible to add pigmentation to your silicone doll’s skin. But also small discreetly scattered blood vessels drawn by hand. Ava Love Doll has seen these details live and the realism is striking. This option won’t suit you if you mainly want to use it for pictures. The details will be difficult for the camera to perceive unless you take close-ups.

On the other hand if you are a detail lover, you seek for a more lifelike doll you should consider the question. It completely changes your doll’s appearance when you are next to her.

3 types of face finishes

  • A standard version without any special treatment
  • A version with a mattifying skin effect to remove the shiny appearance
  • A version with a mattifying skin effect to remove the shiny appearance + skin pigmentation and blood vessels

3 types of body finishes

  • A standard version without special treatment
  • A version with mattifying skin effect to remove the shiny appearance
  • A version with a mattifying skin effect to remove the shiny appearance + pigmentation aspect of the skin and blood vessels

An ultra realistic vagina

Amazing and probably one of the best reproductions on a love doll to date. You cannot make any difference with the real one. In the ultra-soft version Sino Dolls’ vaginas are quite stunning in realism and are worth it. The silky touch – pressures – constraints are slightly above those from the best TPEs.

A worth argument for silicone dolls which aim to be realistic and pleasant in bed.

Exemplary strength of intimate parts

Soft silicones are generally more pleasant than hard ones, but they also easily get torn up. This is followed by a slow death of your doll which tears a little more after every intercourse or photo shoot. As this point is concerned, the Sino Dolls are very impressive. They are more permissive and hold positions that would tear the silicone of many other dolls.
Keep in mind that no silicone doll is free from tears in the vagina. It’s strength depends essentially on four factors

  • Your doll usage
  • The quality of the materials
  • The intimate parts positioning
  • The surface finish

In order to have strong and pleasant intimate parts, a good silicone and an excellent surface finish are necessary. A very small roughness on the silicone can cause a first wound which will eventually grow. Meanwhile, to give realism to a dolls’ body, small folds or wrinkles are necessary which are very hard to smooth.
Sino Doll combines ultimate realism, pleasure and solidity in the same doll

Realism of the chest

Again, Sino Doll satisfies you with a chest which can’t be more realistic to see and touch. The overall shape and movements are natural. The sloshing of the breasts does not give the same effect compared to the TPE which tends to rebound. Sino Dolls have a chest which moves in a more realistic manner, which slightly flattens when your doll is in a lying position and is slightly pendulous when your doll is standing.
The areolas’ details and finishes are shimmering, very well realised, the attraction is immediate with breasts we would love to eat like candy.

The touch of the chest is very pleasant and even if it doesn’t equal the real one yet, it is very close to. Just to have a clue of the sensations

  • Lighter than a human breast of equal volume
  • Distributes better in the hand compared to the TPE breasts
  • the stress is less strong than a full TPE breast and sensations are more elastic than a hollow TPE breast

For small breasts, the feeling once in hand is more pleasant on a Sino Doll breast than a human breast. For large breasts, the softness of Sino Doll is very pleasant but as realism is concerned, human breasts do better. The good news is that realism is not always the most satisfying, touching Sino dolls’ breasts is a real pleasure.

Sino Doll moaning system

Because the pleasure derived from a beautiful breast doesn’t depend only on its touch, Sino Doll offers optional sensors in their doll’s body. If you caress her beautiful breasts, she reacts by moaning once stimulated.

Her moans are gradual. The more you touch and press her breasts, the more she enjoys.

35+ extraordinarily detailed faces

Already 35 detailed faces with fine lines for a hyper realistic finish and the collection continues to grow.

Realistic doll bodies with shapes you will love

Sino Doll sublimates the woman’s silhouette with a complete collection of detailed bodies and very realistic measurements and low weight.

25+ Options to Customize Your silicone Sino Doll

Sino Doll offers you a wide range of options, to customize your silicone doll from head to toe.

Moveable eyes

Easily move your doll’s eyes without any risk of taking off her lashes.
The Sino Doll moveable eye option is a spring-mounted eyeball system to easily alter the gaze direction. Gently press the retina to push the eye towards the head’s interior, it releases and can easily be oriented. Position it as desired in seconds. Relieve the pressure, so it remains in the desired position.

Eye movement is greatly facilitated. A revolution for photographers since most silicone doll faces even do not allow eye movements. These are often stuck in the doll’s head.

  • Push the eye
  • Direct the gaze
  • Release

Very convenient.

Optional tan traces

Implanted Hair or Wig

In search of ultimate realism? Do without wigs! In option, Sino Doll offers several styles and colors of hair, implanted by hand.
You wish to keep your wigs’ flexibility to change your style regularly, it is equally possible.

Implanted or made-up eyebrows

Have you ever drawn eyebrows on your silicone or TPE doll? Not easy to obtain a realistic result without a minimum of training. Forget about it all on a Sino Doll, the makeup remains for years and there is nothing to do about that.
Not enough realistic for you? Go for the eyebrows directly implanted. Each hair is implanted by hand for an ever more realistic face. A highly recommended option which only a silicone doll may offer regarding the TPE. You should consider this option, if you opt for a silicone doll.

Various soft body parts on demand

The human body is hard in some areas, soft or flexible. Fully silicone bodies are more rigid compared to the TPE bodies, the skin contact is different. In real life, a silicone doll is not often pleasant to hug or touch because it is not soft enough. On the other hand TPE premium bodies are very soft, but have no hard areas as a human body would have.

In order to make your doll even more realistic and pleasant, Sino Doll gives you the option of making your doll’s buttocks and thighs softer than the rest of the body. To make the right decision, don’t go wrong with this option and read this warning: the buttocks and thighs with this option won’t be as soft as the TPE. They will be softer than the rest of the silicone body to give more realism similar to a human body.

These options are specific to each part of the body. For example, It is possible to have buttocks with the ultra-soft option and standard thighs.

Intact hymen

Take advantage of this special moment or know you can do it! In option, you can receive your Sino Doll with a hymen. You wish to preserve it for life or have it just for you? The choice is yours.
Get everything well set for this special moment, your Sino silicone doll’s hymen is for a single usage. It will crack during the first penetration or if you spread your doll’s legs too wide.

Standing option for Sino Dolls

In addition to the classic choice of having a doll which can keep standing or not, Sino Doll gives you the choice of leaving the six screws supporting her, visible and removable. The option without visible screw supports the same thing, but with more realistic feet. These feet are reinforced inside in order not to tear under your doll’s weight, even when she is stands.
3 choices for the keep standing option at Sino Doll

  • No option to keep standing
  • Option to stand upright with removable and visible screws under the feet
  • Option to stand upright without visible screws under the feet

More dynamism in your pictures with a hook on the back

The option adds a screw step in your doll’s back + a detachable hook. What interest or use?

  • Hang your doll with a cord to allow her to adopt balanced positions
  • Taking pictures very easily when upright without any risk of her falling
  • Balance her on one foot to produce movement
  • Firmly store her upright, hung and not simply placed against a wall

You wish to display your doll in a standing position in your living room hanging on a vertical bar, this is the best option.

Storage hook by the neck

All Sino Doll heads are equipped with a quick connector which allows you to connect or disconnect your doll’s head in few seconds. The connector in between the Sino dolls’ heads and their body can be unscrewed from the body. This option is an additional hook to be screwed at the place of the usual head connector. It allows you to hang your love doll’s body for storage.

Why you should buy your silicone doll on Ava love doll?

First, Ava love is a great love story with human size dolls. Brands, accessories, processes, tested, experienced and approved. Quality services, flawless and reactive customers, before and after sale. An available support to repair your dolls, in case of any issue.

  • Based and registered in France
  • A doll expertise
  • Before sale advice
  • A guaranteed satisfaction
  • Available resources to improve or repair your doll
  • An efficient after sale service

Makeup, dressing, repair, maintenance and improvements, we make Ava and her harem go live in videos and images. If you are not familiar yet with Ava love doll, discover now her photobook

Recommended options for your sex doll

For technical and longevity reasons, it is recommended to have stay up option. Nevertheless, it is possible for your doll to remain standing without this function but you run the risk of spoiling her feet and her stability won’t be that good. When your doll is left standing, there is no risk of spoiling her silicone since it is completely relaxed.

Effectively preserve your doll

While not in use or after cleaning, your love doll should be kept away from any nearby light source, dust or any pressure on her body or outfit, which could leave dirt marks on her skin. Too tight outfits or keeping your doll in a sitting position, for a too long period are both factors which can lead to a temporal or permanent deformation.

The most secured

Wrapped, she is packed upright and pushed to a wall with foam in her cover provided during purchase, with a shape memory between her back and the wall. Also, you can keep her dressed but beware of too tight outfits, or those who rub off. To know everything about the usage and maintenance of your doll, Check out our FAQs

The most common

Dressed, she is either standing in your living room or sitting on the sofa. Your doll can remain in a sitting position for several hour only but not days. Just like humans, her skin will start deteriorating if she remains in a position for too long. A typical example is a sewed part of your sofa. While sitting, her small panties can press her groins or hips, make sure you don’t leave her in this position for too long.

Make your doll unique

When purchasing, you have the choice between more than 10 options, most of which are free. A personal customization of your doll is one of the biggest satisfactions, giving them a unique identity. We can’t say less for big success models. Everyone wants a unique doll.

Simply changing the hair colour, hairstyle, eye colour, manicure, makeup, jewelry or outfits can convert into a different person. We propose a large variety of wigs, eyes ball and much more accessories in order to customize them in a practical way without any risk of spoilage. Your creativity is the only limit, so express yourself as much as you can with this doll.

For transport or discretion

The flight case was made from your doll’s size. No possible pressure, light or insects. It can resize into a transport adapted flight case which resists chocs or into an unseen furniture found in a bedroom or living room. Use the provided memory foams in order to keep them safe, during transport, such that in case of any careless or brute movement, you can be sure your doll is safe. The flight cases are stackable, if you have many love dolls to protect or transport, you can align them vertically or horizontally.

Measurements :

  • Size : 55 cm
  • Weight : 20 kg
  • Cup : J
  • Shoulders – Chest : 34 – 90 cm
  • Waist – Hips : 56 – 90 cm
  • Vagina – Anus : 18 – 10 cm

Interchangeable :

  • Eyes
  • Wig unless hair implanted
  • Eyelashes
  • Vagina in removable insert version

Materials :

  • Premium silicone doll
  • CE and ROHS Compliant
  • Package size: 93 x 43 x 33 cm

Key features :

  • High quality silicone
  • 2 penetrable orifices (Vagina, Anus)