Silicone Doll Starpery Vanessa | 167 cm E cup


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    Choice of body and face
    Face selection
    Do you want a firm or soft silicone head?
    Do you want hair implanted?
    Choose a wig
    What style do you want?
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    Do you want regular eyes or easy move ones?
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    Do you want a firm or soft silicone for your extra head?
    Do you want hair implanted for your extra head?
    Choose a wig
    What style do you want?
    What colour do you want?
    What colour do you want?
    Do you want regular eyes or easy move ones for your extra head?
    Choice of regular eye colour
    Regular easy move eyes or easy move eyes with veins
    Skin tone
    Do you want tan traces?
    Do you want an extra wig?
    Lip colour - Permanent make-up
    Areola colour - Permanent make-up
    Softer buttocks than the rest of the body
    Labia color - Permanent make-up
    Choice of vagina - Built in or removable
    V2 external vaginal contraction system with moaning
    Pubic Hair - Implanted
    Do you want 100% articulated or regular hands?
    With or without weight reduction
    Stand-up option three bolts under the feet or hard silicone
    Heating blanket
    Reinforced and discreet cardboard or Flight case for transport
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In the doll industry, there are these outsiders like Starpery who break the codes by innovating for your greatest pleasure. You know why? Because they have what every doll lover is looking for. They are passionate people who are attentive to their customers and who today offer us a real revolution at an excellent quality – price ratio.

  • You already have some Japanese-style waifus and want to brighten up the pleasures
  • You are more of a realistic doll type and want to level up the doll game
  • Looking for the ultimate in realism, but silicone is too firm for you

Welcome to the Starpery doll bubble!

You say to yourself, but wow what are these amazing sex dolls? Doll collectors say to themselves, yet another brand of silicone doll… With such a level of finish, it’s hard to believe that the bodies of Starpery dolls are made of TPE.

And yet … The Face silicone and body in TPE. A photo is better than a thousand words and no need to pinch yourself this is no dream.

Levitate home after a hard day’s work. Your synthetic companion made to order exclusively to await your return home. The miracle? She is a hyper realistic sex doll. Was it better before? No it’s always better now!

Starpery dolls can be made from your favorite materials

  • Silicone face + TPE body for a detailed face and a soft body
  • A 100% silicone doll if you prefer firmness (Contact us for more info)
  • Entirely in TPE – Available in 2021

Tell me about Starpery Ava Love Doll

Discover the best of both worlds with a TPE silky and soft with dazzling visual finish that is comparable to the world of silicone doll.

  • different skin tones
  • pigmentation and imperfections
  • freckles
  • traces of tan

Starpery does wonders for us at very attractive prices. No more tugging concessions, the visual finish of a silicone doll and ultra-soft TPE hugs are now possible in just one doll!

Starpery & TPE 3.0

So what does this name TPE 3.0 mean? It is a purely marketing name that can be summarized by:

TPE marshmallow with full body makeup done by the Starpery team.

The real revolution of this TPE lies in the fact that the body has been completely made up. Moles, different skin tones, veins, freckles propel Starpery dolls to the top of realism.

Starpery doll options

Eyebrows Implanted by default…

Remaking eyebrows on a love doll is a nightmare, but you have fallen for a Starpery doll and the eyebrows are implanted at no extra cost. Enter the world of love dolls through the front door and experience ultra-realism without doing anything.

Finish of silicone faces

But why choose when you can have both? The Starpery miracle is not simply to combine a silicone face and a TPE body as is already done by so many others.

It is also knowing how to design dreamy faces and bodies! Get defragmented by Sarah, Rong, Phebe, Meng and the other silicone + TPE Starpery dolls with facial textures, pigmentation and stunning realism details.

TPE skin tone & body pigmentation

Bodies with hypnotic curves, realistic and made up to last for years, this is the Starpery promise.

Freckles, moles against a background of different skin tones envelop your future living room – bedroom muse for a hyper realistic love doll experience. Your friends will just be shocked, unless you keep it all to yourself!

Custom body makeup

But you don’t want to leave anything to chance and choose everything! Create the body you want yourself. Upload the photos of the body of your dreams during the personalization of your Starpery doll and Ava Love Doll will realize for you this custom-made masterpiece.

Location of moles, skin tone, freckles, it’s up to you.

Tan trace

It’s very hot at Starpery and maybe you saw this beautiful redhead with green eyes? All Starpery love dolls can benefit from traces of tanning for an ultra-realistic rendering in privacy.

Hyper realistic breast with gel implants

What will a silicone doll be without breast implants? It is to this day the best in terms of realism. The gel breast implants are available to all Starpery dolls.

Unforgettable sloshing guaranteed

Areola finishes

Finishing of private parts

The skeleton of the Starpery dolls

It is fully articulated like all the brands sold on Ava Love Doll. It will not break after a few weeks as it usually does with poorer quality or fake dolls.

Of course, it should be handled correctly using the right levers so as not to exert excessive force on sensitive points. You keep it in excellent condition for years to come. When you just received your Starpery doll, her skeleton is stiff, it will soften over time as you move her until it reaches stable flexibility.


A palm hand with fingers pressed into it for easier handling when you turn your wrists.
The palm of the hand and the pressed fingers remain a good ratio of realism – resilience. Ouch! Has your Starpery suffered a big shock and a finger has come out of its slot? No need to open your hand, put it back under a strong light and let your osteopathic talents speak.


The dual-gear knees are there to maintain smooth movement even after the skeleton is relaxed. Your doll will not fall because her knees have become too soft. In bed, the movements are natural and the legs go down pleasantly without collapsing.

EVO skeleton

The name EVO brings the possibility of shrugging, tightening the shoulders and therefore swaying. Much more possibility for photo poses, fewer limitations. On a daily basis, her shoulders are rarely symmetrical, which gives her a more realistic and natural appearance, your doll seems less frozen.
It is also more deflections in the movements for more positions and realism.

Why you should buy your TPE doll on Ava love doll?

First, Ava love is a great love story with human size dolls. Brands, accessories, processes, tested, experienced and approved. Quality services, flawless and reactive customers, before and after sale. An available support to repair your dolls, in case of any issue.

  • Based and registered in France
  • A doll expertise
  • Before sale advice
  • A guaranteed satisfaction
  • Available resources to improve or repair your doll
  • An efficient after sale service

Makeup, dressing, repair, maintenance and improvements, we make Ava and her harem go live in videos and images. If you are not familiar yet with Ava love doll, discover now her photobook

Recommended options for your sex doll

For technical and longevity reasons, it is recommended to have stay up option. Nevertheless, it is possible for your doll to remain standing without this function but you run the risk of spoiling her feet and her stability won’t be that good. When your doll is left standing, there is no risk of spoiling her TPE since it is completely relaxed.

Effectively preserve your doll

While not in use or after cleaning, your love doll should be kept away from any nearby light source, dust or any pressure on her body or outfit, which could leave dirt marks on her skin. Too tight outfits or keeping your doll in a sitting position, for a too long period are both factors which can lead to a temporal or permanent deformation.

The most secured

Wrapped, she is packed upright and pushed to a wall with foam in her cover provided during purchase, with a shape memory between her back and the wall. Also, you can keep her dressed but beware of too tight outfits, or those who rub off. To know everything about the usage and maintenance of your doll, Check out our FAQs

The most common

Dressed, she is either standing in your living room or sitting on the sofa. Your doll can remain in a sitting position for several hour only but not days. Just like humans, her skin will start deteriorating if she remains in a position for too long. A typical example is a sewed part of your sofa. While sitting, her panties can press her groins or hips, make sure you don’t leave her in this position for too long.

Make your doll unique

When purchasing, you have the choice between more than 10 options, most of which are free. A personal customization of your doll is one of the biggest satisfactions, giving them a unique identity. We can’t say less for big success models. Everyone wants a unique doll.

Simply changing the hair colour, hairstyle, eye colour, manicure, makeup, jewelry or outfits can convert into a different person. We propose a large variety of wigs, eyes ball and much more in order to customize them in a practical way without any risk of spoilage. Your creativity is the only limit, so express yourself as much as you can with this doll.

For transport or discretion

The flight case was made from your doll’s size. No possible pressure, light or insects. It can resize into a transport adapted flight case which resists chocs or into an unseen furniture found in a bedroom or living room. Use the provided memory foams in order to keep them safe, during transport, such that in case of any careless or brute movement, you can be sure your doll is safe. The flight cases are stackable, if you have many love dolls to protect or transport, you can align them vertically or horizontally.


  • Size : 167 cm
  • Weight : 34.5 kg
  • Cup : E
  • Feet length : 22 cm
  • Shoulders – Breast : 35.5 – 85 cm
  • Hips – Waist : 89 – 58 cm
  • Vagina – Anus : 18 – 15 – 12 cm


  • Eyes
  • Wig (if no implanted hair)
  • Eyelashes
  • Nails


  • Soft medical grade silicone + Premium TPE
  • 100% articulated EVO++ skeleton
  • CE and ROHS compliant
  • Size of the package : 162 x 40 x 28 cm

Key features

  • EVO++ Skeleton (shrugging and tightening of the shoulders)
  • Silicone Face + TPE or silicone body (optional)
  • Pigmentation and skin tone (optional)
  • Mould trace blurred
  • Easy eye rotation
  • Implanted hair (optional)
  • Stand-up option (3 screws under the feet)
  • Three penetrable orifices if soft silicone head (vagina, anus, mouth)