Silicone Doll Ariel Piper doll | 150cm J Cup

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Ariel silicone 150 cm 35 kgs, big breast, J cup. Ariel Piper Doll is also available in TPE version for ultra soft Cuddles !



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What is the difference between Piper Doll silicone dolls and the TPE version?

  1. All silicone Piper Doll are equipped with the EVO skeleton
  2. Blood vessels and body makeup included
  3. Built-in vagina only
  4. If you choose pubic hair, it is implanted and not glued as on the TPE versions
  5. The mouth is non-penetrable like most silicone dolls

The head of the Piper Doll silicone dolls is molded with the body, seamless neck and homogeneous proportions.

  • A face with finer features
  • A body makeup with blood vessels
  • Body parts of different softness to stick to reality

Silicone VS Doll TPE Doll

Another world for other desires, the silicone dolls are above all intended to be exhibited to be looked at. A Mona Lisa in your living room that one acquires first for her company and the pleasure to admire the beauty of the woman, that is what the silicone dolls promise. Of course all or almost all are sold with penetrable intimate parts but if you are looking for a sex doll, we advise you to turn to the TPE.

Silicone Piper Doll have a penetrable vagina and anus whose epic softness will surprise you. Nevertheless, the skin-silicone contact is far from the soft cuddle provided by a TPE doll where each pressure on a breast is like a first time.

Pros of silicone over TPE

  • It stains less easily than TPE
  • It is less porous
  • It’s not as sticky when it’s not powdered
  • It can be disinfected
  • It allows details that are difficult to reach on TPE

The ideal skin colour for your Piper Doll

Natural or pink white? A tricked question, especially if this is your first doll.

  • Is this image which you appreciate pink white or honey like in colour?
  • Was the image edited?
  • Will the colour you see on your screen and those in reality match?

In order for you to make the right choice, a way to solve this is to go from a first colour named reference colour. Then compare each colour with the reference colour. In order to guide, you might proceed in 3 steps.

  • Start from a reference colour using a non rigged video from Ava Love Doll – Eirian Piper Doll, colour: Pink white. It appears under different light forms: artificial, natural, daylight or afternoon light.
  • Seeing this same colour in picture, with 12 unedited pictures still in pink white.
  • Comparing with 4 pictures from factory without editing. Every colour available at piper Doll (as well as Doll forever and Doll house 168)

1 – Reference colour: Pink white in video

2 – Reference colour: Pink white in pictures

3 – Factory images for comparison

Even more Factory Outlet without photoshop.

Piper Doll updates and improvements

Piper Doll are now made with a permanent and resistant to cleaning makeup.

They have an integrated tongue and can be kept hanging with a M16 hook provided, meant to be screwed up at the top of the skull and which is not visible under a wig.

What does this integrated tongue impact? It is meant for picture purposes, to give an impression. The oral functionality remains available.

What is the M16 hook for? A screw step on the top of the skull is required to host an M16 hook, in order to suspend your doll for storage or while giving her a bath.

  • Remove your doll’s wig, then screw the hook at the top of her skull in order to store her in a wardrobe, helps economize space or even keep it unnoticed if necessary
  • Unscrew the hook from her skull and put on her wig when in use. This makes the screw step invisible

The options which are specific to Piper Dolls, Dolls forever and Doll house 168

  • A choice from 10 different vaginas, rendering different pleasures
  • The choice of the areolas size
  • Solid or hollow breasts, making them soft
  • 100% TPE composed calves, without foam to save in weight at detriment of touching

Why you should buy your TPE doll on Ava love doll?

First, Ava love is a great love story with human size dolls. Brands, accessories, processes, tested, experienced and approved. Quality services, flawless and reactive customers, before and after sale. An available support to repair your dolls, in case of any issue.

  • Based and registered in France
  • A doll expertise
  • Before sale advice
  • A guaranteed satisfaction
  • Available resources to improve or repair your doll
  • An efficient after sale service

Makeup, dressing, repair, maintenance and improvements, we make Ava and her harem go live in videos and images. If you are not familiar yet with Ava love doll, discover now her photobook

Recommended options for your love doll

Like all other dolls from Piper doll, your doll can be equiped of the EVO function, which enables her to recreate nearly all the human gestures. She can squat, keeping her stability, which is a serious asset, being it for pleasure, posing for pictures or for cleaning. For technical and longevity reasons, it is recommended to have this function in order to keep her standing. Nevertheless, it is possible for your doll to remain standing without this function but you run the risk of spoiling her legs and her stability won’t be that good. When your doll is left standing, there is no risk of spoiling her TPE since it is completely relaxed. When you chose the stay up option for your doll, we offer to you discreet capsules which enable you cover the screw heads with other amazing advantages:

  • Her legs are protected since they are not in direct contact with the floor
  • Her ability to stay up is increased
  • Reduced chances to drill her socks or tights
  • The floor is kept intact
  • Doesn’t slip in bathroom or bathtub
  • The capsules were being tested and have no effect while in contact with the TPE

Effectively preserve your doll

While not in use or after cleaning, your love doll should be kept away from any nearby light source, dust or any pressure on her body or outfit, which could leave dirt marks on her skin. Too tight outfits or keeping your doll in a sitting position, for a too long period are both factors which can lead to a temporal or permanent deformation.

The most secured:

Wrapped, she is packed upright and pushed to a wall with foam in her cover provided during purchase, with a shape memory between her back and the wall. Also, you can keep her dressed but beware of too tight outfits, or those who rub off. To know everything about the usage and maintenance of your doll, Check out our FAQs

The most common:

Dressed, she is either standing in your living room or sitting on the sofa. Your doll can remain in a sitting position for several hour only but not days. Just like humans, her skin will start deteriorating if she remains in a position for too long. A typical example is a sewed part of your sofa. While sitting, her small panties can press her groins or hips, make sure you don’t leave her in this position for too long.

Make your doll unique

When purchasing, you have the choice between more than 10 options, most of which are free. A personal customization of your doll is one of the biggest satisfactions, giving them a unique identity. We can’t say less for big success models. Everyone wants a unique doll.

Simply changing the hair colour, hairstyle, eye colour, manicure, makeup, jewelry or outfits can convert into a different person. We propose a large variety of wigs, eyes ball and much more accessories in order to customize them in a practical way without any risk of spoilage. Your creativity is the only limit, so express yourself as much as you can with this doll.

For transport or discretion

The flight case was made from your doll’s size. No possible pressure, light or insects. It can resize into a transport adapted flight case which resists chocs or into an unseen furniture found in a bedroom or living room. Use the provided memory foams in order to keep them safe, during transport, such that in case of any careless or brute movement, you can be sure your doll is safe. The flight cases are stackable, if you have many love dolls to protect or transport, you can align them vertically or horizontally.


  • Size : 150 cm
  • Weight : 35 kgs
  • Cup : J
  • Feet length : 21 cm
  • Shoulders – Breast : 33.5 – 89.5 cm
  • Hips – Waist : 50 – 93 cm
  • Vagina – Anus : 17 – 14


  • Eyes
  • Wig
  • Eyelashes
  • Nails


  • Soft medical grade silicone skin
  • 100% articulated EVO skeleton
  • CE and ROHS compliant
  • Size of the package : 160 x 40 x 47 cm
  • Shipping weight : 60 kgs

Key features

  • Platinum high quality silicone
  • EVO (Shrugging and can squat)
  • Option to stand up (3 screws under the feet)
  • 2 penetrable openings (Vagina, Anus)