Silicone Doll Akira Piper doll | 150 cm C Cup

Piper Doll Photo GalleryAva Love Doll Starter Kit IncludedTPE or Silicone sample includedQuality Check Included📌 Average production time 15 - 30 daysPiper Doll silicone Akira 150 cm C cup – 25 kg. Includes by default: EVO skeleton, gel implants, easy move eyes, hard hands, hard feet (standing) and body make-up.


  • In order to add your doll to the cart, it is important to complete all the steps.

    Do you want to personalize your doll?
    Skin complexion
    Would you like to have hair implanted?
    choose the hair implantation style
    Choose a wig
    Choose an extra wig - With a discount price
    Choice of eye color. They are easily interchangeable
    Choose an extra pair of eyes | Classic Eyes (cellulose wadding) - With a discount price
    Lip colour, it is permanent
    Do you want freckles?
    Areola color, it is permanent
    Areola size
    Labia color. It is permanent
    Pubic hair color - Glued on your doll - Extra cost
    Soft Buttocks (not available with 105H Iris body)
    Do you want 100% articulated or classic hands? Available on 150, 155, 160 cm bodies
    Stand-up option, three bolts under the feet or hard silicone
    Reinforced and discreet cardboard or Flight case for transport
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What is the difference between Piper Doll silicone dolls and the TPE version?

  1. All silicone Piper Doll are equipped with the EVO skeleton
  2. Wrists movement enhanced
  3. Ankles movement enhanced
  4. Elbows range movement enhanced
  5. More precise, thinner, stronger fingers – Can hold more weight
  6. Easy move eyes – push, set the look and release
  7. Hyper realistic implanted breasts
  8. Blood vessels and body makeup included
  9. Built-in vagina only
  10. If you choose pubic hair, it is implanted and not glued as on the TPE versions
  11. The mouth is non-penetrable like most silicone dolls

The head of the Piper Doll silicone dolls is molded with the body, seamless neck and homogeneous proportions.

  • A face with finer features
  • A body makeup with blood vessels
  • Body parts of different softness to stick to reality

Silicone VS Doll TPE Doll

Another world for other desires, the silicone dolls are above all intended to be exhibited to be looked at. A Mona Lisa in your living room that one acquires first for her company and the pleasure to admire the beauty of the woman, that is what the silicone dolls promise. Of course all or almost all are sold with penetrable intimate parts but if you are looking for a sex doll, we advise you to turn to the TPE.

Silicone Piper Doll have a penetrable vagina and anus whose epic softness will surprise you. Nevertheless, the skin-silicone contact is far from the soft cuddle provided by a TPE doll where each pressure on a breast is like a first time.

Pros of silicone over TPE

  • It stains less easily than TPE
  • Incredibly realistic implanted breasts you will love to jiggle
  • It is less porous
  • It can be disinfected
  • It allows details that are difficult to reach on TPE
  • A firm and more realistic body

And of course … Piper Doll legendary silky touch!

The ideal skin colour for your Piper Doll

Natural or pink white? A tricked question, especially if this is your first doll.

  • Is this image which you appreciate pink white or honey like in colour?
  • Was the image edited?
  • Will the colour you see on your screen and those in reality match?

In order for you to make the right choice, a way to solve this is to go from a first colour named reference colour. Then compare each colour with the reference colour. In order to guide, you might proceed in 3 steps.

  • Start from a reference colour using a non rigged video from Ava Love Doll – Eirian Piper Doll, colour: Pink white. It appears under different light forms: artificial, natural, daylight or afternoon light.
  • Seeing this same colour in picture, with 12 unedited pictures still in pink white.
  • Comparing with 4 pictures from factory without editing. Every colour available at piper Doll (as well as Doll forever and Doll house 168)

1 – Reference colour: Pink white in video

2 – Reference colour: Pink white in pictures

3 – Factory images for comparison

Even more Factory Outlet without photoshop.

Piper Doll updates and improvements

Piper Doll are now made with a permanent and resistant to cleaning makeup.

They have can be kept hanging with a M16 hook provided, meant to be screwed up at the top of the skull and which is not visible under a wig.

What is the M16 hook for? A screw step on the top of the skull is required to host an M16 hook, in order to suspend your doll for storage or while giving her a bath.

  • Remove your doll’s wig, then screw the hook at the top of her skull in order to store her in a wardrobe, helps economize space or even keep it unnoticed if necessary
  • Unscrew the hook from her skull and put on her wig when in use. This makes the screw step invisible

You’re Love Doll without any possible disappointment

Buying a silicone or TPE doll is a long way to go

  • Make the decision to buy a doll
  • Find the brand and model that suits you
  • Find the trusted intermediary who will take care of you

This is what we do, take care of our customers, because disappointment has nothing long term and Ava Love Doll is here to stay and be part of the long term. We are always ready to help, eager to give you all the ins and outs to make the right choice. Each order is strictly verified with you by email – WhatsApp – Discord before final validation of your order.

  • We make sure you understand what you are buying
  • Silicone – TPE, we are here to advise you and reorient you if necessary
  • Never in a hurry, we take the time necessary to make sure you will be dazzled

You should never feel embarrassed to ask us as many questions as you want. You will have clear and precise answers, without hesitation, because we know exactly what we are distributing.

Ava Love Doll travels at least 1 to 2 times a year on all the production sites of TPE and silicone dolls with which we work or wish to know more.

On the fingers of one hand

Only a few vendors in the world have really visited the doll factories and many even don’t own one doll. Something new happens every quarter in the world of love dolls. To be sure to give you the right information, we have to constantly renew ourselves and stay current with new developments.

This is why we strive to regularly take stock with the manufacturers themselves. Ava Love Doll is not affiliated with anyone and only deals directly with the manufacturers, we cultivate this closeness. As soon as your doll leave the factory she straigltly goes to our warehouse in China for a second verification then we mandate and control the transport till your home.

  • We submit over 30 faces per year to a few trusted brands and small workshops
  • User manual translations from Chinese to French or English
  • Report your impressions to improve products
  • Report scammers to manufacturers

Protect your silicone doll from the test of time

When you are not using your love doll and after cleaning, it must be protected from light, dust, pressure on its body or clothing which could rub off on its skin and stain it. Clothes too tight, a doll sitting too long are all factors that can deform her temporarily or permanently.

It is not a question of price, silicone dolls are subject to the same constraints as TPE dolls. Even though they are more permissive about the choice of clothes, silicone dolls under pressure for weeks will eventually open up.

For storage over long periods of time

Wrap her in a blanket that was provided with you purchase of the doll, or any safe, suitable blanket covering you can find, then stand or lean her against a wall with her memory foam between her back and the wall. You can also keep her dressed, but watch out for clothes that are tight or bleed.

Your daily silicone doll

Dressed, she is standing in your living room or sitting on the sofa. Your silicone doll can sit for days without fear, but not for weeks. The silicone will eventually crack from the inside without warning signs until it opens overnight. Stretched, under pressure over time, the underside of the buttocks is generally the first place to open. To avoid this, change your doll’s position or be careful not to put her silicone under pressure.

Make your Doll Unique

One of the great joys of having dolls is to personalize them as you wish, to give them a real identity. She’s your synthetic companion. A simple change in hair color, hairstyle, eye color, manicure, makeup, jewelry or clothing can totally make a different doll! We offer a wide choice of wigs, pair of eyeball and others accessories to customize so convenient and without risk of damaging them. The only limit is your creativity, so express yourself through it and bring it to life.


  • Size: 150 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Cup: C
  • Feet length: 19 cm
  • Shoulders – Breast : 31 – 72.5 cm
  • Hips – Waist : 86 – 52 cm
  • Vagina – Anus: 17 – 14


  • Eyes
  • Wig
  • Eyelashes
  • Nails


  • Soft medical grade silicone skin
  • 100% articulated EVO skeleton
  • CE and ROHS compliant
  • Size of the package: 155 x 45 x 33 cm
  • Shipping weight: 34 kg

Key features/strong

  • Platinum high quality silicone
  • EVO (Shrugging and can squat)
  • Option to stand up (hard feet made of firmer silicon than body instead of 3 bolts under the feet)
  • 2 penetrable openings (Vagina, Anus)