Silicone Doll Elsa Babe Mishima Nico | 148 cm A D G Cup AHR005

We don't ship in UK, Australia, New ZelandElsa Babe Photo GalleryAva Love Doll Starter Kit Included TPE or Silicone sample includedQuality Check Included📌 Average production time 30 - 45 days Elsa Babe Mishima Nico silicone doll 148 cm25 kg, cup A D G of your choice.

  • 3 breasts sizes available for body 148 cm
  • gel breast implants by default
  • body make-up by default


  • In order to add your doll to the basket, it is important to complete all the steps.

    Do you want to personalise your doll?
    Choice of body and face
    Face selection
    Choice of eye colour.
    Select a wig
    Lip colour, it is permanent
    Firmness of the teeth (only valid for a head with teeth)
    Would you like an extra head? As an extra at a special price
    Face selection
    Choice of eye colour
    Select a wig
    Lip colour, it is permanent
    Firmness of the teeth (only valid for a head with teeth)
    Skin colour
    Density of the Breast
    Areolas color
    Areola size
    Vagina Textures
    Choice of vagina - Built-in or removable
    Softness of the body
    Soft Buttocks
    Do you want 100% articulated or classic hands?
    Stand-up option, reinforced ankles and three bolts under the feet - Optional
    Reinforced and discreet cardboard or Flight case for transport
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3 breast sizes to choose from for the 148 cm body

The 148 cm Elsa babe body can be configured with 3 types of cups: A D G

Comparison 148 cm VS 150 cm

5 vagina textures available

Details of the finishes of the 148 cm Elsa Babe body

Sizes available at Elsa Babe

Range of Movement Skeleton

Elsa Babe dolls are now equipped with a flexible hinge neck. They cannot crouch, but can shrug and kneel.


  • Size: 148 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Cups available: A D G
  • Bust sizes depending on chosen cup: 60 – 70 – 80 cm
  • Shoulders: 27 cm
  • Waist – Hips: 41 – 74 cm
  • Mouth – Vagina – Anus : 11.5 – 15.5 – 12 cm


  • Wig
  • Eyelashes
  • Nails


  • Silky soft silicone skin
  • EVO skeleton
  • CE and ROHS compliant

Key features:

  • EVO (Shrugging and clenching of shoulders – Can bend)
  • Stand-up option (3 bolts under the feet)
  • Three penetrable orifices (Mouth, Vagina, Anus)