Face – Head JY Doll #200

Standard M16 connector compatible You want to add a head to your order or want a new face to vary the pleasures?

Available with M16 connector for greater compatibility with other brands

Each head can be made in the color of your choice.



    To be able to add your doll to the basket, it is important to complete all the steps.

    Do you want to customize your head?
    Step 1 Skin Complexion
    Step 2 Face
    Do you want an extra wig?
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    Do you want an extra pair of eyes?
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    Storage - Extra cost.


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JY Head

JY Head is in TPE and has the oral functionality.

Please note that the mouths of dolls of all brands included, are non-textured or beaded unlike the intimate parts. A doll’s throat is always slightly upward facing unlike a human throat.

Silicone heads are not suitable for oral use. Most mouths do not open and are hard. Silicone is rarely suitable for use as a sex doll.

Face Compatibility in 3 Steps

1 – The Connection between the Body and the Head of your Doll

Most of manufacturers equip their dolls with the M16 connector, the head is screwed onto the body. Others have chosen to have the M16 connector and also offer a Quick connector . The head of your doll will clip on instantly by pushing it on its body.

  • A head equipped with the M16 connector cannot be mounted on a body equipped with a quick connector without modification on your part.
  • A head equipped with Quick connector cannot be mounted on a body equipped with an M16 connector.

M16 connector

The following brands systematically use the M16 connector for their bodies and heads :

  • WM Doll, Or Doll, YL
  • JY Doll
  • Doll Forever
  • AS Doll

M16 Connector and Quick Connector

The following brands use the M16 connector and Quick connector for their bodies and heads:

  • Aibei Girl
  • 6YE Premium
  • HR Doll

You can choose the connector that suits you when ordering your doll.

Connecteur-Rapide-6YE Premium


Doll House 168

The bodies and heads of Doll House 168 dolls before 2019 are only compatible with each other. Since 2019 Doll House 168 dolls or heads are equipped with the M16 connector. This makes them compatible with most brands. To know if a Doll House doll or body is produced from 2019 onwards, just go to the top of the product sheet and this information will be specified.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. This type of option will be checked with you in order to validate your order.

2 – Skin Complexion Between Your Doll’s Body and head

Each brand offers its own range of skin colours, but not all of them produce exactly the same result. For example, you may see the honey complexion at WM Doll to be slightly lighter than the honey complexion at Doll Forever, this is absolutely normal. Also depending on the brand of your sex doll, the TPE can lighten over time especially if it has been exposed to UV light for a long time.

In order to match as well as possible to your doll, it is possible to order a TPE sample of the same color to compare it with your doll.

Concrete example

  • You have a two-year-old white WM Doll body
  • You want a Doll Forever face
  • You hesitate between the natural white or pinkish white color of Doll Forever face to fit perfectly on your doll

What solution? Purchase a natural white and pinkish white sample of the Doll Forever brand to compare with your doll. Each TPE sample comes from the brand of your choice and is provided by the manufacturer itself to be as close as possible to the desired color, no approximate. If you don’t know the brand of your doll, you can contact us and we will find the most suitable sample for you.

Keep these TPE sample as you may use them to test a dark clothing before your doll wear it. You will so avoid to stain her.

To find your way around the skin colors, consult the Factory Outlet . Guaranteed photoshop free.

3 – Head and body proportions

A simple rule to find your way around, all dolls of 130 cm and over can use the same heads. On Ava Love Doll unless otherwise specified, all faces are made to fit on dolls from 128 to 175 cm.

No matter the size of your doll’s body, the faces are moulded in one size, their proportions do not change. Although a large doll face can physically fit on a 100 cm love doll, it is best to stay in the 130 – 175 cm range.

Body and head proportions of your doll will thus remain realistic.