2 Tubes of Eyelash or Pubic Hair Glue

Delivery Time:

Shipped in 1 to 2 days from France.

If you need to glue or reglue your doll’s eyelashes.

Cyanoacrylate type glue, one of the most resistant and does not interfere with TPE.



For semi-permanent gluing. Ideal for gluing the eyelashes or a pubic patch hair on your doll.

7g of cyanoacrylate type glue. The tube can be used to glue or reglue lashes dozens and dozens of times. The glue is water resistant and softens slightly under hot water, which can make it easier to peel off the TPE if necessary.

To peel off lashes, wet or dry, gently pull the lash to avoid damaging the eyelid of your love doll. Depending on the condition of the lashes, keep them for reuse.

Before Glueing

Clean the area and dry without powdering.

How do I stick eyelashes on a sex doll?

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