🚀🇪🇺 [In Stock] Silicone Doll Future Doll Head #8 | 165 cm C cup

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Future Doll body 165 cm C cup head F830 kg.

  • ✅EVO Skeleton | Standing | Articulated fingers V2
  • ✅Gel breasts | Soft silicone head
  • ✅Built-In vagina | body make-up
  • ✅Future Doll kit included


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Future Doll Silicone Doll – Simplicity and quality

With Future Doll everything is simple, no tough choices or complicated options, just the best. You buy your silicone doll as shown in the photos, everything is already integrated. Choose your favorite wig, eye color and travel bag quickly!

  1. Make a buying choice
  2. Buy, then
  3. Play

The best of the existing options is already included on the silicone dolls of Future Doll, no fuss.

Premium options on all love dolls

  • Almost non-existent mold trace
  • Private parts ultra-realistic , soft, fluffy
  • Silicone gel implants as immersive as real life
  • Easy move eyes with a simple rotation of the pupils
  • Eyebrows implanted for stunning realism
  • Lower lashes implanted , no more regular gluing
  • Full body makeup with veins and skin pigmentation
  • Skin texture for erotic chills
  • Yoga Girl EVO reinforced skeleton for realistic movements
  • Quick connector between head and body

Strongly faded mold trace

You may have already noticed, most silicone dolls have a trace all along the body, it is the trace of the mold. This one is composed of two parts and comes to form the doll during the production. When removing from the mold, a mark is visible all over the doll’s body, but not at Future Doll.

An additional and difficult operation is necessary to remove this trace. Future Doll supplies all of its dolls with this virtually non-existent faded trace. Increased realism guaranteed!

Premium skeleton and quick connector

EVO ++ we lose its words because it is articulated and meticulously well welded. Elbows and knees with double gears to minimize noise, vibrations and remain pleasant even after the skeleton is softened.

  • 3 points of articulation in the back
  • tightening and shrugging of shoulders
  • Articulated cuffs and palms

Quick connector what are the advantages?

The quick connector is not only an efficient way to remove the head of your doll to put on a garment or to save weight strain of the doll while on the move but it is also allows a head that can turn in a more natural way than the standard M16 connector because sometimes the head stops at the wrong place. keep your doll’s head screwed on tight enough that it won’t come off but loose enough that you can turn her head so that you can pose her and whatever position

The quick connector solves this problem, your doll can turn its head smoothly.

More details on each option

Private parts

Future Doll offers us super-natural private parts, a little lubricant and the game can begin. Sensation of humidity, softness and compression, it’s all there. The private parts of the Future Doll dolls are very close to a real woman. The interior is textured with shapes designed to provide intense pleasure. The vaginal canal is tortuous, beaded, ridged and the glide is perfect for maximum sensations, but that’s not all…

The pleasure of enjoying a sex doll is not just sliding into it, the act of penetration itself plays an important role in the pleasure of the senses. Enter and exit fully to better return to it thanks to openings made to maximize the pleasure during penetration. The private parts are open just enough to welcome you warm, a shimmering vagina and a tight anus for more realism.

Hyper realistic chest

Like breast? Who doesn’t!? The silicone dolls from the Future Doll line simply brings together the top of visual and sensory realism.

A slightly shivering textured breast, finely reproduced nipples, a diffused shade, but also… Small finely drawn blood vessels, hyper realistic skin pigmentation, and breasts soft to the touch that are ultra-realistic indulgent!

Ultimate eye finishes

You won’t believe yours, admire this premium finish. Ava Love Doll offers optional additional colors and a complete pack to be without limit on the combinations. Only available with the purchase of a Future Doll. All eyes are handmade, extra time is needed if you want more than one pair.

Eyes that move easily

Precisely adjusting the eyes of your Future Doll silicone doll is easy.

  • Place your index or thumb on the pupil and simply orient in the desired direction

Is it possible to change the eye color of Future Dolls?

  • Yes

Lower eyelashes implanted

Tired of constantly re-gluing your silicone doll’s eyelashes? Can’t find truly realistic lower lashes? No problem since Future Doll has done it for you by implanting realistic eye lashes!

But why are the upper eyelashes not also implanted?

Having upper and lower eyelashes implanted is the assurance of eventually pulling your doll’s eyelashes one by one, so you have to make a choice. Most brands and people have given up on the lower lashes. They are difficult to find, to stick and easily come off with the slightest change in eye color.

Future Doll relieves you of this problem and delights us with the truest glances, see for yourself.

Eyebrows implanted on all models

Pigmentation – veins all over the body included

No need to pay 50 euros for a mole with Future, and yet it’s the present. Take a leap in time with uncompromising realism and at no extra cost. The team is small, but strong.

100% body textured

Die-hard and at the best price, Future Doll erases anxiety and annihilates depression with her homemade chemistry! Live in the moment and enjoy every second with your full body textured doll. She shivers, but will make you hot, warm her up…

Soft silicone dolls where you need to

Why buy your silicone doll on Ava Love doll?
Ava Love doll is first and foremost a love story with human-sized dolls. Brands, accessories, processes, tested, proven and approved. Impeccable, responsive quality and customer service, before and after sales. And support to repair your dolls in the event of a problem.

  • Based and registered in France
  • Dolls expertise
  • Advice before sale
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Resources to improve or repair your doll
  • Efficient after-sales service

Make-up, dressing, repair, maintenance and improvements, we bring Ava and her harem to life in photos and videos. If you don’t know Ava Love doll yet, check out all of her galleries her photobook

You’re Love Doll without any possible disappointment

Buying a silicone or TPE doll is a long way to go

  • Make the decision to buy a doll
  • Find the brand and model that suits you
  • Find the trusted intermediary who will take care of you

This is what we do, take care of our customers, because disappointment has nothing long term and Ava Love Doll is here to stay and be part of the long term. We are always ready to help, eager to give you all the ins and outs to make the right choice. Each order is strictly verified with you by email – WhatsApp – Discord before final validation of your order.

  • We make sure you understand what you are buying
  • Silicone – TPE, we are here to advise you and reorient you if necessary
  • Never in a hurry, we take the time necessary to make sure you will be dazzled

You should never feel embarrassed to ask us as many questions as you want. You will have clear and precise answers, without hesitation, because we know exactly what we are distributing.

Ava Love Doll travels at least 1 to 2 times a year on all the production sites of TPE and silicone dolls with which we work or wish to know more.

On the fingers of one hand

Only a few vendors in the world have really visited the doll factories and many even don’t own one doll. Something new happens every quarter in the world of love dolls. To be sure to give you the right information, we have to constantly renew ourselves and stay current with new developments.

This is why we strive to regularly take stock with the manufacturers themselves. Ava Love Doll is not affiliated with anyone and only deals directly with the manufacturers, we cultivate this closeness. As soon as your doll leave the factory she straigltly goes to our warehouse in China for a second verification then we mandate and control the transport till your home.

  • We submit over 30 faces per year to a few trusted brands and small workshops
  • User manual translations from Chinese to French or English
  • Report your impressions to improve products
  • Report scammers to manufacturers

Protect your silicone doll from the test of time

When you are not using your love doll and after cleaning, it must be protected from light, dust, pressure on its body or clothing which could rub off on its skin and stain it. Clothes too tight, a doll sitting too long are all factors that can deform her temporarily or permanently.

It is not a question of price, silicone dolls are subject to the same constraints as TPE dolls. Even though they are more permissive about the choice of clothes, silicone dolls under pressure for weeks will eventually open up.

For storage over long periods of time

Wrap her in a blanket that was provided with you purchase of the doll, or any safe, suitable blanket covering you can find, then stand or lean her against a wall with her memory foam between her back and the wall. You can also keep her dressed, but watch out for clothes that are tight or bleed.

Your daily silicone doll

Dressed, she is standing in your living room or sitting on the sofa. Your silicone doll can sit for days without fear, but not for weeks. The silicone will eventually crack from the inside without warning signs until it opens overnight. Stretched, under pressure over time, the underside of the buttocks is generally the first place to open. To avoid this, change your doll’s position or be careful not to put her silicone under pressure.

Make your Doll Unique

One of the great joys of having dolls is to personalize them as you wish, to give them a real identity. She’s your synthetic companion. A simple change in hair color, hairstyle, eye color, manicure, makeup, jewelry or clothing can totally make a different doll! We offer a wide choice of wigs, pair of eyeball and others accessories to customize so convenient and without risk of damaging them. The only limit is your creativity, so express yourself through it and bring it to life.